"Tawnee has the unique ability to bring people together for the

common good. I have witnessed her do this within our neighbor-

hood on countless occasions. Tawnee is a natural leader who is

actively engaged in city and state government. She educates

herself on the issues and then takes action! Tawnee is extremely knowledgeable in financial matters and holds an MBA in Financial Planning. I am confident that she will lead Riverton in a fiscally conservative manner. As a mother of 6, I have seen her advocate for better education within our community. Tawnee is by far the best choice for Riverton City Council!"
                                         -Mishca Eubanks, Riverton Resident

"I'm happy to endorse Tawnee McCay. Tawnee’s financial

expertise coupled with her humility and desire to learn from

others would be a great asset to our council. She would bring

new and fresh perspectives to all levels of the city council."

~Tricia Tingey,

Riverton City Council Member

"I am pleased to endorse Tawnee McCay for Riverton City Council. Tawnee’s fiscal background will be of great benefit to the city as she focuses on city finances. She will be diligent in studying all sides of the issues that come before the Council. She will be a bridge builder and a great representative of the Riverton community. I have known Tawnee for over ten years and know her to be a hard working, dedicated, woman of integrity. Please join me in supporting Tawnee McCay for City Council."

Matthew Young
Vice President Jordan School Board of Education

We support Tawnee!

Tawnee McCay is a woman of integrity who cares deeply about the residents of her community, and their quality of life. She understands the proper role of government and is a fierce defender of private property rights. If you are looking for a leader who will carefully guard your tax dollars, fight to keep taxes low, and be an effective voice of the people, look no further than Tawnee McCay.                                                                                          ~Deidre Henderson, Utah State Senator

I had the pleasure of being Mia Love's campaign treasurer for 3 years. I appreciate Mia's endorsement and support. "Tawnee McCay's leadership and finance background will be a great asset to Riverton City during this unprecedented time of economic growth for the city."
-US Representative Mia Love

“I have known Tawnee McCay for nearly twenty years.  During that time, I can say that

I have always been impressed with the quality of her character.  She is intelligent, thoughtful,

intuitive and dedicated.  She has self-discipline and drive which helps her to continually be

a better person.  She also has such a desire to improve her surroundings and help others be

the best that they can be.  With these leadership skills and her financial background, she

will be a great leader for the community and certainly help Riverton get more bang for their buck.”
                                                                                                           ~Megan Richards

“I have known Tawnee for several years and worked

closely with her on governing boards at our school. She is

dependable and proactive. I admire the way she is always

getting important things done. She is constantly educating

herself and improving policies by reading and looking for

innovative solutions. Her degree in finance is a major

credit to her and she knows how to budget and spend wisely. Tawnee will be a fine representative and solid choice for the Riverton City Council.”
                                     -Cindy Strong

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Tawnee McCay
Riverton City Council District 3