TRAX on 12600 South

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) conducted a study and identified a preferred alignment (Link) to connect the Day Break and Draper Trax stations in the distant future. The plan is to run the TRAX line down the center of 12600 South and continue to the Draper Trax station.

12600 South is the WRONG location for Trax!

12600 South is already congested with 3 schools within one block which poses a safety concern for our children. When elected, I will work with UTA for an alignment that will better serve Riverton and Bluffdale. I would support an express bus on 12600 South to alleviate congestion. This plan will improve our transportation choices.

Fiscal Responsibility

Increase Riverton's Net Worth

Riverton city’s sales tax revenue is steadily increasing, yet since 2013 our debt has gone from $805 to $1,060 per person. That is a 30% increase. We can do better! I will use my financial expertise to develop a rock solid plan to improve our city’s financial condition.



I want Riverton City to be accessible and transparent. I was disappointed when our city council (including my opponent) voted to do away with the newsletter printed and electronic. It is more difficult to have to go online to find out about secondary water, the city's budget or upcoming activities. It could be reduced in size or emailed out. I think we should be finding more ways to communicate with our residents, not less.

Quality Public Safety

I appreciate the hard work of our fire and police departments.

Over the last year, Riverton City has made the decision to exit the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area (SLVLESA) and contract directly with Unified Police Department. Our services will remain similar to what we currently have, but will save the residents an estimated $500,000. This will also allow more local control over the number of officers hired and other management decisions. This important step will give us more input while saving money.


Riverton City needs a good working relationship with the Jordan School District.


I appreciate the endorsed of Matthew Young, our Jordan School District Board Member.


It was great meeting with Rose Creek's Principal Tami Bird and Mike Anderson from JSD. I appreciate the work the District is doing to address the traffic concerns on 3600 W and the adjacent neighborhood. We are all working to keep children safe.

Smart Growth

Riverton has experienced incredible growth over the past several years. Recently, the city council has approved many zoning changes to allow higher density housing. We have plenty of multi-family housing, we need to stop any future zoning changes to increase density until we step back and analyze our general plan. The future of our city is bright and we can work together to keep Riverton's hometown feel.

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Tawnee McCay
Riverton City Council District 3